30, Makepeace Avenue, London, N6 6HL

Telephone 020 8 342 9524

The Community Centre is at ground level in the block at 30 Makepeace Avenue and is accessible by sloping pathways from the pavement outside. The Centre is all at one level including the extensive balcony at the rear. It has its own fully fitted kitchen and toilets and the inside can be divided up into several sizable volumes as required by means of folding and sliding panels. The centre goes right through the block and the rear wall is mostly glass affording a panoramic view of the balcony and the sky to the south. A gentle ramp leads down onto the balcony.

Access: Holly Lodge Estate is a gated private estate with limited public access. See map for details of how to get into the estate.

Car Parking: By arrangement with Camden Council, car parking is regulated by an external contractor and it is necessary to display a notice on your dashboard to the effect that you are a visitor to Holly Lodge Community Centre to avoid their attention.